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"Bringing Social and Personality Psychology in Canada together."

Welcome! This is the website of the Social and Personality Section of the Canadian Psychological Association. The section exists to further research in Social and Personality Psychology and to foster relationships among Canadian researchers in these areas. The section organizes an annual Pre-conference, promotes the recognition of established Social/Personality researchers in Canada, supports student research through undergraduate (Kenneth Dion Award) and graduate (Brendan Gail Rule Award) awards, and maintains a newsletter, website, and listserv. Want to become a member? You can join the Social and Personality Section of the CPA when you join or renew your CPA membership. See the "Membership" section of this website for more information about joining the Social/Personality Section.

We encourage you to attend the 2015 Section Pre-conference and the 76th Annual Convention of CPA in Ottawa, ON. Although more details will be posted in the spring of 2015, the pre-conference will be held on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 from 10:00 am - 4:30 pm. The Social and Personality Pre-conference to the annual meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association is a highlight of the section's activities. The lineup of invited speakers is always stellar, and the pre-conference offers students and faculty a smaller venue for presentation and interaction prior to the larger meeting. Find out more details by visiting the "Preconference" section of this website.


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If you have an interest in Social or Personality Psychology, please support these activities by becoming a section member when you renew your CPA membership.

Leanne Son Hing, PhD
Social-Personality Section, CPA

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